It seemed as though this game planned to get going the very way the Kansas City Bosses needed subsequent to 

constraining a speedy dropkick on the main belonging for the Indianapolis Foals. Sadly, unfortunate play in extraordinary 

groups brought about things getting off to an appalling beginning for Kansas City. The group has hung in the game and beaten the early blunders.

At halftime, K.C. will lead the game 14-10. After halftime, the Bosses will get the opening shot.

One of my interests at the hour of 53-man list cuts was that the Bosses didn't have an extraordinary response at dropkick returner.

 I even felt that the group could attempt to put a waiver guarantee on a player they enjoyed as a dropkick return trained professional or that Corey Coleman could make the list.

Skyy Moore is still extremely new to the job after not doing it much during his school profession.

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