Under the Green light All Characters and Their Storys, Under the Green light Chapters

Under the Green light All Characters and Their Storys, Under the Green light Chapters


I want to sculpt you in a way that never changes. In a city full of high-rise buildings, Mathew Raynor, a sculpture student who, in addition to his art, lives isolated from the rest of the world. He unexpectedly meets a captivating man named Jin and feels a fated connection. Mathew offers her a proposal: be his model.

Contrary to his intentions, the relationship between the two becomes more and more distorted… In a shadowy world tainted with dirty money and betrayal, Mathew steels his nerves as he gets closer to Shinhae Faction executive Jin Cheong-woo and it gives him a new ambition… “However, there are conditions: first, you must obey my words unconditionally.” A man who built a wall between himself and the world, and another who despises the world, both hiding their true desires from him.


Mathew Raynor

Working at the Sunset Pictures Cafe, Matthew hands him an Americano and then recognizes Jin outside, who had at one point told him that he had piqued his interest. Asking the manager, Alex, if he can leave early today, Matthew replies that it is for something more important and that he will work until closing time tomorrow.

Heading to the art museum where Jin is, Matthew confirms that he really likes her, what about him? Considering the featured statue to be quite a sincere piece of work, Matthew adds that there is more to it than meets the eye. Stating that he is just a college student, Matthew states that the reason he followed Jin here is because he likes him, does he need to explain more?

A student ID indicates that he attends the Department of Arts and Sculpture School. After his bag is returned, Matthew tells Jin not to worry, that he won’t tell anyone. Wishing to be intimate with Jin, he asks if they can meet again next time. In a conference room with sculptures as a lesson, Matthew remembers Jin and how he asked to know her name.

Talking to his teacher, Matthew says that he doesn’t have a model for his sculpture yet, but that he already wants someone. Saying that he was actually going to find Jin first, Matthew found out that he didn’t know where she lives or what she does, and didn’t know when she might meet him again. His request is for Jin to be his nude model. At first offering money in exchange, Matthew then states that he will give him whatever Jin wants, as long as he can afford it.

After school and work, Matthew heads to an abandoned building, sets up a studio inside, and stays there. Having carved since he was young, one of Matthew’s portfolios now features mostly nude men but with their bodies portrayed rather than obscenely depicted. On why he chose Jin, he details that the person who perfectly fits his ideal type is right in front of him. It is the first time that he expects something with such intensity.

Jin Cheong-woo

Commenting that Matthew is a fun guy, Jin asks if this isn’t right. Over the phone, Jin mentions that instead of a residential complex, President Chun is going to an art museum. There will be no profit, so Jin says to tell him why it’s taking place. Talking ‘coffee’ to her driver gets them to stop in front of a coffee shop. After a sip, Jin thinks what this is, she tastes like…then, seeing Matthew, she makes him take it from her, as he announces that he’s lost his appetite.

Listening to a museum docent explain the background of the “Alberto de la Isla Madalena” statue, Jin then comments that Matthew is looking at the lasers when he recognizes his presence. Finding it funny after hearing that Matthew likes him, Jin orders his guard Seongchi to check his bag. Seeing the falling books, pencils, and rulers, Jin doesn’t think there is anything here that can be used as a weapon, be it a gun or a knife.

Warned by Seongchi that Matthew’s art school ID is fake and that he is more of a cop, Jin replies that it’s all done and to return his stuff. Updated that Director Oh has rescheduled to meet him tomorrow Jin states that it’s great. Jin stops moving forward upon hearing that Matthew hasn’t done it before. Afterwards, Jin realizes that it has been a long time since he felt this kind of emotion.

Presenting a bag of cash to Director Oh with the suggestion that he leave the constructions for the Museum annex to his company, while privately thinking of him taking the bait, Jin is pleased to learn that Oh likes the gift at all. the scenario that moves you toward the outcome you want.

Cheon Ja-hwa

Shinhae’s construction president, when she talks with Jin to achieve the creation of an art museum, orders him to shut up, the damage will be greater if another company takes over the project. If this fails, the president says that she will feed Jin the fish.

Summoning Jin to her office, Chun reminds him not to open the door so hard. As he takes his seat, Chun states that Jin should have done more work instead of just poking around here and there. Hinting that she is aware of Jin’s affair, Chun is accused of having spider webs on her private parts for a hundred years, so she must keep her nose out of her sex life.

Sighing, Chun tells Secretary Zhang that she is close to her that this is all her fault for leaving the company to a mob. Not caring if Jin is different, Chun believes that a man with skill is a good man. Regarding the construction of the art museum, it is not gaining order that matters to her, Chun looks for the land where the museum will be built.

She explains that it was a disputed area that organizations were trying to occupy even before Jin stepped into the project. Intent on visiting Oh, she adds that whatever the method, they will prevent Beom-young from acquiring the land and betraying them again.

Joo Yoon-bal

Along with Seongchi, he is one of Jin’s bodyguards. He has a dragon tattoo on the back of his head and orders an American out of the coffee shop Matthew works at. After considering the closing time of the museum, Yoon-bal hands her coffee to the president. Holding an umbrella over Jin, she informs the president that it’s almost time for her meeting with Director Oh.

Receiving a call from the Director of the City Museum of Arts, Yoon-bal apologizes for accepting the call on behalf of her boss before asking what she can do. Waiting outside the car, Yoon-bal tells the boss that he took a little longer than expected and that he must have seen everything right at the art gallery.

After visiting Oh, he comments that the boss doesn’t look good and if there is something wrong. Hearing that Jin needs coffee, Yoon-bal asks if she should buy it at the well-known coffee shop Jin usually goes to. To himself, Yoon-bal thinks why does Jin want to go to the coffee shop near the museum if he doesn’t like the taste. Pressed to order, Yoon-bal orders a latte, a cherry parfait.

Director Oh

A company manager, who calls Jin and communicates with a guard Oh, says that, unsurprisingly, he thinks the rounds in golf will take a little longer. Meeting with Jin at a rescheduled meeting Oh says that he regrets yesterday, and then honestly tells him that he was surprised that Jin is interested in building an addition to the museum.

Stating that Jin’s company has the best skills and financial power in the construction industry, Oh goes on to say that since there is no profit from this, he may want to place a construction order. Delighted to behold a bag of cash placed in front of him, and requesting to leave the constructions for the museum annex to Jin’s company, Oh replies that since President Jin knows him well, there is nothing more to discuss. Not thinking there is a way, Oh will contact Jin once he finishes setting up the orders.

Alex Wang

The manager of the Sunset Cafe, welcoming Yoon-bal to the cafe, she reacts to his presence. When Matthew asks if she can leave early, Alex asks if something happened, before guessing if it’s due to homework. Curious why he’s in such a hurry, Alex says that he’s fine. As Matthew leaves, she guides him to pay attention to street lights and watch out for cars.

Wondering why there are so few customers today, Alex adds that it’s supposed to be a nice day for her. Sad, she responds to Matthew’s comment that she wasn’t always like this, it’s only said about her to make her feel good. Remembering that Jin and her men visited yesterday, Alex motions for them to take a seat.

joo seongchi

Jin’s other guard, with Matthew’s art school ID being checked, Seongchi informs Jin that those art school people don’t come this way. Stating that Matthew is definitely a cop, Seongchi rationalizes that he is disguising himself as a student. He is instructed to return the bag to Matthew. Seongchi says that he is lucky today. Hearing the update, Seongchi is quite angry that Oh made his boss wait for him to finish playing golf.


In a conference room this man questions what are the elements that the human being needs to implement to make a sculpture. First, there must be an imitative representation of things that exist. He then expresses the visual experience in three-dimensional form, creating a variety of substitutes based on tactile experiences. Taking note of Matthew, he says that if he can’t give him the items, have him come to his lab after he finishes class. There he asks if something is wrong, having noticed that Matthew couldn’t concentrate in class at all. He asks if Matthew already has a model for his sculpture and then tells him that he has to get one as soon as possible. It’s almost the end of the semester, and the graduation project concept presentation is coming up. He then asks if Matthew will be able to meet the deadline. I’m sure he will, the lecturer has high expectations for him. Liking Matthew’s work, he adds that the Director of the Famous Gallery and the President of the Foundation also like Matthew’s work, and he will push him into the main part of this exhibition. If Matthew has a hard time finding the right model, he can get one for himself.

secretary zhang

Secretary Zhang calls Jin to tell him that the longer it takes to resolve this matter, the more disappointed he will be. She’ll see you at work in thirty minutes. Attending to Chun, Zhang assures her that she is still the boss and that Jin is more of a rag doll than a member of the mob.

Ryū Ya

Meeting Matthew on campus, Ryu says that it was difficult for him to get close to his advisor since he attended this school. Asked what Matthew discussed with the professor today, Ryu wonders if it was about the Sculpture Theory test or if the professor was going to give flowers to attract the famous art gallery exhibits on Matthew’s behalf.


Construction manager Beom-young getting out of an elevator to find Mr. Jin. Accused of always trying to sweet talk about other people’s companies, Beom-young replies that he follows protocol when he arrives at his enemy’s headquarters. He is here anyway because his sister, the president, invited him.

Brandon Lee

The CEO of Beom-young Construction. Playing golf in an office, he is pleased to receive a call from Jin. There’s nothing I can tell you about Director Oh, but they’re itching to get the construction site.


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