Trulia homes for rent Trulia Rent Apartments & Homes Application Reviews

Trulia homes for rent Trulia Rent Apartments & Homes Application Reviews


Deleted previous review which was already at 2 stars but now I’m giving it 1 star. The Saved Rentals window keeps saying I don’t have any saved homes when in reality I have several. Even when I look at the map there are hearts next to the ones I did indeed save but they do not show up when you click on Saved Rentals. Makes keeping track much more difficult. Please fix your app. It has been fine for the last couple months and this has just suddenly become a problem.

I really like all of the extras; especially the “crime” stats. I may really like a certain place but I first look to see if he crime stats to see if it is in certain area. Also like looking at all of the other extras going across the top bar. This is by far my favorite rental app; I find it quite difficult to use another as I’ve not found one with all of the additional information.

This app is very good at giving you details about the it’s surroundings with nearby schools and crime in the area. Even helps with the process of getting into contact with the right people you need to. My biggest complaint though is that when looking at apartments, using the price , square footage , and bed & bath filters they only seem to be there to get you into the broad selection of apartments they have. It doesn’t actually narrow it down to the specific types of apartments you want.

Solid app for looking through listings, love the statistics for the neighborhood you are looking at. Only reason I dont give 5 stars is because the map is not responsive or sometimes downright obnoxious. For instance, I will click on a listing and instead of opening the listing it will think I’ve tapped the neighborhood, which then triggers an animation and hides all entries outside of the neighborhood. To get back to my search I have to back out and ‘remove boundary’.

Very nicely done much better and more user friendly than their website. My favorite part is the draw feature so that you can draw a blob around the area you want to look for homes. I was able to make a big horse shoe shape around the peninsula that I was looking at for homes so that I could find something near the beach but not on the beach. Great work on the app now if only the website was this good you wouldn’t need the app lol. 😉


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