Thoughts and observations from the 49ers’ 37-15 win over the Panthers

It wasn’t perfect, but the 49ers came into Carolina and for the most part dominated in a 37-15 victory to move to 3-2 on the season.

Here are some observations and notes from each quarter of a crucial win for San Francisco:

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– Niners in their home reds! That’s funny.

– Two pitches for Jimmy Garoppolo, two catches for George Kittle. Great shot for a conversion on third and 6 to extend the first series.

– Tevin Coleman?!?! Of course! Good first drive for the 49ers offense and an excellent job of blocking the OL on a screen for a touchdown. It’s 7-0, 49ers.

– Jimmie Ward is starting with Tashuan Gipson and Talanoa Hufanga. It’s interesting to see Ward as the nickel.

– Garoppolo takes aim at Kittle a lot, and he found him again on a third-and-7 in a narrow window. Good throw from the QB and a good catch in the back.

– Ouch. Kittle fumbles on a first-and-10 pitch and the Panthers rallied. Turnovers are how the 49ers lose games. Half of Garoppolo’s eight pitches have gone to Kittle.

– Near Mooney Ward’s interception after the Panthers converted a fourth down. Ward has been so good this year.

– It seems like the entire Panthers offense is just individual efforts by RB Christian McCaffrey.

– Good entrance for loss of Fred Warner to put Carolina behind the sticks. DL Akeem Spence made that play happen. He worked center for the Panthers and allowed Warner to come in intact.

– Kittle’s fumble ends without hurting the 49ers after Panthers K Eddie Pineiro fumbled down the left. Nice job by the San Francisco defense to toughen out of the red zone again. That was also an issue against the Rams.

– Sick play on a third and 4 by Garoppolo and Coleman. Garoppolo shot down the left flank as he was being hit. Coleman, on the other end, made a sweet jump catch for a 30-yard gain and a first down.

End of first quarter: 49ers 7, Panthers 0

Second quarter

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– The first sack of the game is Panthers DE Brian Burns blown by Jaylon Moore, who is starting at LT. That’s a bad rap for the 49ers LT and the 49ers have to settle for a field goal. It’s 10-0, San Francisco.

– The first capture of the game comes via SS Talanoa Hufanga. The coverage on the field was excellent and Hufanga flew into the stop as quarterback Baker Mayfield began to fight.

– A pair of 49ers penalties and a nice deep shot from Mayfield to Robbie Anderson put Carolina back in field goal range. That felt like a trip where San Francisco will make some adjustments. He is 10-3 after a 43-yard field goal by Piñeiro.

– The first goal for WR Brandon Aiyuk comes at 1 second and 9, and Aiyuk turns it into a 24-yard gain after breaking up an inning. Good throw and catch.

– Deebo Samuel’s first touch comes late in the second quarter. He runs nine yards, but got up favoring his right arm.

– Field goal blocked. This game is a disaster for the 49ers. They are up 10-3 at the end of the first half and have dominated all facets.

– And there’s the 49ers defense. A pick-six by Emmanuel Moseley puts the 49ers on two touchdowns late in the first half. Once again, San Francisco’s defense rescues its offense. It’s 17-3, Niners.

Halftime: 49ers 17, Panthers 3

Third quarter

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– Big kickoff return puts the Panthers on their own 49 to start the series.

– Sheesh. 51 yards in seven plays for the Panthers to open the second half. A 19-yard run by Christian McCaffrey on fourth-and-1 gets Carolina into the end zone. That’s the first touchdown the 49ers defense has allowed since Week 3. He’s 17-9 after the Panthers missed the two-point conversion. Not Nick Bosa for most of that series.

– The 49ers were rescued in a quarter and 3 at midfield. Garoppolo threw Samuel late, but pass interference gave them a first down after the incomplete. It looked like Jauan Jennings and Kittle were open earlier in the play.

– Jennings! Wow, what a run on a 32-yard catch-and-run. It’s so good after the catch. The 49ers need to use him more in space.

– Garoppolo’s second TD pass of the day goes to Samuel on a third and goal. Good job by Samuel to get open up the middle and Garoppolo fired a strike into a narrow window. A TD there should put this one away. It’s 24-9, 49ers.

– Another monster kick return for the Panthers puts them back in midfield. Disastrous special teams day for the 49ers. Robbie Gould was mangled on the return and limped off the field clearly favoring his left knee.

– The Deomodore Lenoir took a beating in cover from someone named Shi Smith. Not a good look for the new nickel CB.

– The 49ers defense hardens again near the red zone and holds the Panthers to a field goal. Carolina reduces a 15-point game to a 12-point game. They are 24-12, 49ers.

– Kyle Juszczyk’s stiff arm is off-putting.

– Samuel with a bad fall in the middle of the field takes away what would have been a great gain on a first and 10.

End of third quarter: 49ers 24, Panthers 12

fourth trimester

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– Not a good start to the fourth quarter. Two passes go down incomplete with one hit down the line and the other a screen pass that was stifled by Carolina’s defensive line. It’s third and 10, and Robbie Gould is out.

Jennings again! He caught it near the line, but made a sweet move in the open field to make a defender miss and score the first down.

– There is an exclamation point from Wilson on a first and goal from 1. He almost scored a touchdown on the previous play, and this time he breaks through. It’s 30-12 after Mitch Wishnowsky missed the extra point.

– The 49ers defensive line now puts its ears back on and Samson Ebukam comes home to trip up Mayfield. Charles Omenihu cleaned it up for San Francisco’s third sack of the game.

– It’s so clear that the 49ers’ defense is much worse when Bosa isn’t on the field.

– Another field goal for the Panthers makes it 30-15. Another excellent reinforcement job near the San Francisco end zone.

– Another 49ers injury when Emmanuel Moseley goes down grabbing his knee after defending a deep shot late in the fourth quarter. Absolutely brutal injury season in the Bay Area.

– Drake Jackson came up with a sack on fourth-and-10. It’s the 49ers’ fourth sack of the day. San Francisco will take over inside the Panthers’ 5 line.

– Exclamation Point by Tevin Coleman. His five-yard touchdown makes it 37-15.

– The No. 5 sack for the 49ers comes through Tashaun Gipson.

Final Score: 49ers 37, Panthers 15


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