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About UltraTech Cement

UltraTech Cement is the ultimate 360° building product location, providing a wide selection of items from gray cement to white concrete, from structural products to construction solutions and a range of ready mix concretes that address a wide range of demands and applications.

With 100+ Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) plants in 35 cities, UltraTech is India’s largest concrete producer. It also has many special concretes which meet the special requirements of discerning clients. UltraTech’s goods include Ordinary Rose city cement, Portland Pozzolana cement and also Rose city blast-furnace slag concrete.

Product portfolio

Ordinary Portland Cement
UltraTech Concrete is the ultimate 360° structural material destination, providing a wide range of items from gray concrete to white cement, from structural products to construction options as well as a wide range of ready mix concretes to suit a wide variety of demands and applications. With 100+ All Set Mix Concrete (RMC) factories in 35 cities, UltraTech is India’s largest concrete supplier. It also has a variety of special concretes that meet the specific requirements of discerning customers. UltraTech’s goods consist of Ordinary Portland cement, Pozzolana Portland concrete, and Rose city blast furnace slag concrete.

Portland Pozzolana Cement

Pozzolana Portland concrete is ordinary Portland cement interground or completely mixed with pozzolanic products such as fly ash, calcined clay, rice husk ash etc. Portland concrete clinker is thoroughly mixed or combined with certain amounts of plaster and pozzolanic products to produce Rose city Pozzolana cement.

UltraTech Premium

Before building their dream home, UltraTech is aware of the expectations of competence and excellence of every residential builder. UltraTech Premium is the latest offering from the house of UltraTech.

Cement conforms to European and Sri Lankan standard specifications
The cement is procured by a specially designed independent bulk cement service provider. The concrete is stored in a 4 x 7500 T cement concrete silo. The state-of-the-art bulk cement terminal (which complies with all environmental norms) delivers cement in bulk to RMC as well as the asbestos plant.

With a keen focus on cement, the Aditya Birla Group has always believed that like arrangements between countries in different parts of the world for regional teamwork, teams should also be present in the countries closest to the facility to be certified as a regional cement producer.

2 countries other than India have restricted advances on limestone, the standard raw material for concrete. This arrangement forced both to depend on imports, for their domestic construction and construction activities. It is in this context that a joint venture mass cement terminal was established in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Function Concrete Gujarat (GCW) has a captive dock designed for export.

To be precise, over the past 5 years, bulk concrete has been exported from GCW to Concrete UltraTech Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd., the team’s joint venture (JV) company in Sri Lanka. Beton UltraTech has actually met Sri Lanka’s cement needs by supplying high quality goods. The company’s client base has recognized the high quality and level of service backed by the strength of the area to market cement along with certified engineers in the technology cell who provide technology recommendations to consumers on the website.

This recognition has enabled the company to achieve substantial market share in a highly open market including multinational competitors including the 2 largest suppliers on the planet. In this affordable environment, the company’s customer base has offered brand equity and recognized it as the best quality concrete distributor on the island. Cement is procured by specially engineered independent bulk concrete providers.

The innovative bulk concrete terminal (which complies with all environmental norms) delivers large quantities of concrete to RMC as well as asbestos plants. With such a sharp emphasis on concrete, the Aditya Birla Team constantly thought that like the plans among countries in different components of the world for regional collaboration, the team should also be in countries adjacent to the center to be certified as an environmental concrete producer.


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