fiona credit card consolidation what is fiona ?

What is Fiona?

Fiona is a comparison tool that allows you to compare lenders or financial services based on your needs without affecting your credit score. Fiona offers assistance with the following loans and categories:

Personal loans
Student loan refinancing
Credit cards
Life insurance
When you find a lender, credit card or insurance provider you’re interested in working with, Fiona will guide you through the application process. As Fiona works with multiple companies and suppliers, the application process varies by category or service.

Many institutions in the Fiona network accept a wide range of credit scores, but you are more likely to be approved with a good to excellent rating. Fiona does not qualify users under the age of 21 for loans, but allows co-applicants.

How does Fiona work?

Fiona’s main goal is to make financial decisions simple for its clients. When you start using Fiona’s comparison tool, you must answer a few questions about the service you are looking for. For example, if you’re looking for a loan, Fiona asks for your credit score, zip code, the purpose of your loan and the amount you’re looking for. Fiona then connects you with providers in its network that best meet your specific criteria.

The search process is the same for life insurance, credit cards, and savings accounts. After you answer basic questions, the company will provide you with personalized prices from carriers in its network based on your answers.

If you are looking for resources under Fiona’s categories, visit her website and access educational content that will help you improve your financial literacy and better understand all aspects of the services Fiona offers.

Fiona Price

Fiona services are free for consumers. The company makes money from its lender partners, who pay to be included in Fiona’s network so customers can find them.

Depending on the lender you work with, you may have to pay a loan origination fee. Before choosing a lender with Fiona, be sure to ask the representative about interest rates and any associated fees.

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