Cadal light, About Dancing in Cadillac Light by Kimberly Willis Holt

Whenever her feelings get the better of her, Jaynell Lambert climbs into an old junkyard at Clifton Bailey’s Automobile Salvage and Parts and pretends to walk away. It is the summer of 1968, and in a year the dirt road in front of her house will be paved, Grandpa will move out, and men will walk on the moon. It’s enough for anyone to wonder. But for now, Jaynell, her sister Racine and her parents live with dust and potholes, dreaming of their lives becoming something great.

Grandpa’s move shouldn’t mean much more than Jaynell giving up her room and setting up another place at the table. But when she goes out and buys an emerald green 1962 Cadillac convertible, nothing is ever the same.

Kimberly Willis Holt has written an unforgettable story of dreams and legacies, capturing a time when the entire United States came together to see the first man walk on the moon. A time when a Cadillac and an old man’s legacy could transform a family and teach them to dance.


It looks like 1968 is going to be a pretty good year for Jaynell Lambert. The town is going to pave the dirt road he lives on, her little sister Racine isn’t completely freaking her out, and Grandpa just moved in with his new emerald green Cadillac convertible. Jaynell and Grandpap have something special. But why doesn’t Grandpa tell him why he’s visiting the poor Pickens family across town? When Jaynell discovers Grandpa’s secret, an old man’s legacy transforms a family and a town.

“At once gritty and poetic, rigid and sentimental. . . a solid page turner. Holt once again displays his extraordinary gift.” (School Library Journal, featured review)


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